Sunday, March 24, 2013

Falls City Beer newspaper ad (1970)

The Kentucky New Era, March 16, 1970
The reproduction of the original newspaper page on Google's scanner isn't exactly photogenic perfection but I like the ad itself so I'm posting it. I'm sure I'll happen upon a better quality reroduction at some point and will replace this one.

The original Falls City Brewing Company, which operated from 1905 to 1978 before being sold to Heileman Brewing Co., is unique for a few things:

- it wasn't family owned
- it was the first brewery to use the Sta-Tab can
- it produced the infamous Billy Beer.

The irony of the Billy Beer brand was lost on the man himself as President carter's brother admittedly was a drinker of Pabst.

The Milwaukee Journal, June 10, 1978
In 2010 a new version of both the beer and the brewing company reemerged using the 1910 pale ale recipe the company originally produced.

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