Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beverwyck Beer newspaper ad (1936)

Rochester Journal, August 6, 1936
The Beverwyck Brewery formed in 1878 and operated under various auspices until 1950 when it was sold to the Schaefer Brewing Company. The brewery operated until 1972.

There's sparse information beyond that and I'll seek to correct that despite my lack of ties or any real interest in Albany or its history. I'll start with this following ad and then take this up at a later time.

Schenectady Gazette, December 12, 1947 (enlarge)
As this advert states the original Beverwyck Brewery was founded in 1845 though I'm not sure what the distinction between the two is at this point. Nor have I looked into it but I will sometime next week.

Also noteworthy is the mention of upgrades to the plant that nearly doubled its capacity. A drawing of the "streamlined bottling plant" and large new stock house seemed to speak to new horizons for the company. Perhaps these additions were done under the premise of selling to the highest bidder.

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