Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oertels '92 Beer newspaper ad (1940)

Kentucky New Era, June 4, 1940
"Cheer up!" was Oertels' ad slogan and was popular enough to form a fan club and produce a joke book. However, it wasn't able to sustain that sort of fandom as the company went belly-up in 1967. A resurgence in the brand name occurred in 1992, with the old brewmaster from the glory days, Fritz Finger (great name!), joining in on the venture, but apparently the beer along with the brewpub that featured it went belly up a few years later. Which is a shame because they missed the craft brewery revolution by just about a decade.

As for the '92 brand, it seems to have arisen from the year the brewery was purchased by the Butchertown Brewery, 1892. A deal that John F. Ortel must have been part of since it carried into his ownership of the brewery. The name changed to Oertel in 1906 when he purchased it outright.

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